UPF-CQ2[D] Series 60~240W

C.C mode
Dimming function with PFC
90~305VAC (120,150,240W : 160~305VAC)

Constant current design
● AC input voltage 90~305Vac(120,150,240W:160~305VAC)
● Built-in PFC function
● Protection : Over load / Over voltage / Short circuit
IP68 design for outdoor installation
● 3 in 1 dimming function(option:D type)
● Output current level can be adjusted through internal potentiometer
● 100% full load burn-in test
Suitable for LED lighting and street & tunnel lighting applications
● Metal case
● 5 years warranty
Series Model No. Approvals Input Output C.C Region D type Power Size(mm) / Weight
F60CQ2 UPF60S12CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 12V 3.75A C.V mode   60W 184*61.5*37.1/0.64kg
160~305Vac 12V 5A
UPF60S36CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 36V 1.3A 21.6~36V O
160~305Vac 36V 1.7A
UPF60S48CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 48V 0.9A 28.8~48V O
160~305Vac 48V 1.25A
F80CQ2 UPF80S12CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 12V 5A C.V mode   80W
160~305Vac 12V 6.66A
UPF80S36CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 36V 1.7A 21.6~36V O
160~305Vac 36V 2.3A
UPF80S48CQ2 90~160Vac 48V 1.3A 28.8~48V O
160~305Vac 48V 1.7A
F100CQ2 UPF100S12CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 12V 5.9A C.V mode   100W 202*61.5*37.1/0.71kg
160~305Vac 12V 8.4A
UPF100S36CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 36V 2A 18~36V O
160~305Vac 36V 2.8A
UPF100S48CQ2 90~160Vac 48V 1.5A 24~48V O
160~305Vac 48V 2.1A
F120CQ2 UPF120S12CQ2 KS 160~305Vac 12V 10A C.V mode   120W 222*61.5*37.1/0.77kg
UPF120S36CQ2 KS,KC 36V 3.3A 18~36V O
UPF120S48CQ2 48V 2.5A 24~48V
F150CQ2 UPF150S12CQ2 KS,KC,CE 160~305Vac 12V 12.5A C.V mode   150W
UPF150S36CQ2 KS,KC 36V 4.2A 18~36V O
UPF150S48CQ2 48V 3.2A 24~48V
F200CQ2 UPF200S12CQ2 KS,KC,CE 90~160Vac 12V 12A C.V mode   192W 241*68*38.8/1.07kg
160~305Vac 12V 16A
UPF200S36CQ2 KS,KC 90~160Vac 36V 4.2A 22~36V O 200W
160~305Vac 36V 5.6A
UPF200S48CQ2 90~160Vac 48V 3.15A 30~48V O
160~305Vac 48V 4.2A
F240CQ2 UPF240S12CQ2 KS,KC 160~305Vac 12V 18.75A C.V mode   225W 263*68*38.8/1.15kg
UPF240S36CQ2 KS,KC 160~305Vac 36V 6.7A 22~36V O 240W
UPF240S48CQ2 160~305Vac 48V 5A 30~48V O


ㆍBlank type : IP68 rated. Cable for I/O connection. Output current level can be adjusted through internal potentiometer
ㆍD type(Option) : IP68 rated. Constant current level adjusted through output cable with 0-10Vdc or 10V PWM signal or resistance