Management Policy

Union Elecom: Honest & Transparent Ethical Management

Union Elecom’s Responsibilities and Duties for its Customers
Union Elecom prevents customer dissatisfaction from reasons such as sales of defective products, and inaccurate / insufficient customer service. Union Elecom protects information related to customers, and does not share or leak such information for other purposes without the customer’s consent. Union Elecom provides customer service with the spirit of always thinking in the customers’ shoes.

Fair competition
Union Elecom obtains information related to its competitors through fair methods that are socially just. Such information, once it has been obtained, is utilized in a just manner, and Union Elecom does not make any infringement of its competitors’ material/intellectual property. Securing Union Elecom’s competitive superiority will be done in a way that does not abuse its competitors’ weaknesses.

Fair trade
● Terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed upon will not be changed without justifiable reasons.
● If customers were to suffer from any losses due to the company, Union Elecom will compensate fairly.
● Union Elecom does not engage in any illegal actions that are banned in the Fair Trade Act and related laws.

Responsibility to the country and the society
● Union Elecom respects the laws and ethical values of society, and does not engage in actions that harm or cause any dissonances in the national economy.
● Union Elecom contributes to the society by protecting the environment and engaging in fair trades, and perform its actions within the accepted range of the national sentiment.